When you come for a Rob Schneider movie, you definitely know what you are in for: senseless comedy and “The Animal” offers you just that. The thing with such movies is that they always have scenes which make you laugh aloud, but is it enough to place the movie in the category of superb comedies? Well, I guess not.

Marvin (Rob Schneider), a big time loser works as a clerk in the police department and wants to fulfil his father’s lifelong dream of being a cop. The events take a turn around when he meets a freak accident (the freakiest i ever saw on-screen) and an insane scientist-cum-doctor puts him back together by inserting animal parts in his body. This establishes animal powers inside his body raising him to the stature of a super-cop but, along come his fair share of troubles caused by his animal urges, mainly hunger and sexual desire, all taking over him at the wrong times. The problems get aggravated when he fears that his animal urges might interfere with his lady-love Rianna (Colleen Haskel) an animal lover, and he becomes notorious as a man-beast for killing cows and hunters at night. The climax of this comedy movie builds up for a few seconds and simply fizzes down.

From sniffing down drugs down a man’s butt to doing stunts dolphin-like, to humping a mail box, to seducing a goat in heat, to beating a horse in race, and to fighting an ape, Rob Schneider does it all animal style. Some of the scenes are stupidly funny to make you laugh and some end at being a little gross. Thankfully, the movie does not stretch beyond its limit and end when you think you had too much of this animal stuff going around. I would call it a harmless 80 minute entertainment (remember it could have been worse!!) to spend your time and have some good laughs without any stress on your brain.

I don’t know how many of you feel that way but Guy Torry as Miles, the guy who suffers from reverse-racism is pretty funny.

For those of you who don’t know – “The Animal” is one of the movies for which Rob Schneider was nominated for “Worst Actor of the Decade” Razzies Award at the Golden Raspberry Awards in 2010.