As I finish watching this movie, my mind forces me to question everything with respect to the movie – even the relevance of the name; it could have been named anything on this earth from squeaking owl to a dumbass employee. I find out later its original name was “The Guests”.Coming from David Zucker, the director of “Airplane” and “The Naked Gun”, I suppose the movie tries to be funny; rather it makes you flinch as the story proceeds from one gross to another intolerable sequence of scenes.

Tom Stansfield (Ashton Kutcher), a low profile employee in the research department of a publishing firm wants to make a switch to creative department. The only problem is his tyrant boss Jack Taylor (Terence Stamp), whom neither any of his employees nor his own kids have the guts to speak openly to. An eccentric and perfectionist, Jack’s only love is his pet bird – an owl. Jack has a daughter Lisa (Tara Reid), who works in the same company and as is obvious from the name, Tom has some mushy-mushy feelings for her. Lisa requests Tom to house-sit the bird while her daddy is out on a meeting and she is out to a party, which Tom construes as an invitation to a party with her. Naturally the first thing to happen in Tom’s supervision would be a mishap with the bird. Here, the bird escapes; and as Tom performs his duty to impress his boss, bizarre incidents happen and un-called, uninvited people enter the house and use it as per their wishes and desire. Our poor Tom struggles and toggles from one emergency to another disaster trying to bring back the house to normal. Of course, he manages to impress his boss’s daughter even as the house is falling down to pieces. The tormenting continues for a never-ending duration  – a man urinating all over the house, a woman with a blood dripping head wound and it just goes on and on. I believe long after the audience has no patience to watch further, to give them the notion of happy ending, the strenuous father-daughter relation is resolved, Tom makes it to the creative team and yes, he wins Lisa’s heart.

The movie makes embarrassing and disgusting attempts to make the audience laugh. Not one scene in the movie is pleasant enough to make you even smile, let alone chuckle. The movie scores on nothing at all ranging from music, acting, script and most importantly romance or humor. It made me feel terrible actually. The only thing good in the movie is Ashton Kutcher’s smile that lasts for 5 seconds, not to forget Carmen Electra’s wet tee shot; but that doesn’t increase the movie’s worth at all. I am not at all surprised that the movie was nominated for 3 Razzies in 2004 – Worst Actor, worst screen couple and worst supporting actress. What’s astounding is the fact that as big a disaster as this movie is, some other movies managed to win these spots.

My suggestion: Don’t waste even a moment on this 80 minutes flick. Just shove it away.

For those who don’t know – “My Boss’s daughter” was made way back in 2001 and was released in 2003 only when Ashton Kutcher became a public sensation and a well-known name, courtesy his affair with Demi Moore, so as to make some box-office revenues.