And isn’t it true!!! All big accomplishments and events are creation of dreams that somebody somewhere dared to dream about, whether it be real or reel life. And don’t we wonder always, where the quest of our dreams takes us and what do we finally conquer? Dreamgirls is one such story of dreams, ambition, stardom, glamour, love, friendship, betrayal, triumph and loss. It is a story of 3 dreamy girls and their conflicts and standoffs with life as they encounter and enter different phases in life.

For those who haven’t seen the inspiration behind this musical, Dreamgirls comes across as a pleasant and enjoyable ride. For those who have seen the original version, I am sure it instills a sense of nostalgia.

After claiming its success as a Broadway Musical back in 1981, 25 years later, Dreamgirls makes a foray into Hollywood to showcase its caliber, and I must say that the motto is well achieved. Off course, the credit goes to Director Bill Condon of the Chicago and Gods and Monsters fame, and the talented cast and crew. The movie is set in the 60s when black singers are neither entertained nor encouraged by the white crowd and their songs were either remixed or polished up for them. The movie brings forth the gruesome reality where real talent is substituted for mass-appeal.

A trio of 3 black female singers that goes by the name of “Dreamettes” tries their luck in various singing competitions – the stunning and sensuous Deena Jones (Beyonce Knowles), the hefty and power-voiced lead singer Effie White(Jennifer Hudson) and tiny and peppy Lorell Robinson(Anika Noni Rose). Spotted in one such event by another dreamer – car-salesman Curtis Taylor Jr. (Jamie Foxx) who aspires to be music mogul, the dreamettes are offered an opportunity to perform alongside singing sensation -James “Thunder” Early (Eddie Murphy), with the promise of a stand-alone break later.

Curtis resorts to all tactics from corruption to manipulation to ensure the group’s success. As the three girls begin to bask in the glory of their small yet significant success, Effie gets into a romantic relation with Curtis, Lorell gets into a “behind the scene” relation with Early, and Deena seems to be just enjoying her on-screen presence when their fate begins to shine. On one opportune day, the dreamettes as “The Dreams”, get their big break, but with a catch – Effie, the lead is passed off for the pretty Deena who has a more chic and superficial voice. No body, not even her own brother, with the hopes of making big as a song writer stands up for Effie and ultimately Effie gets replaced by a substitute.

As time passes, Curtis becomes a successful and manipulative record company owner, Deena gets married to Curtis and becomes a hot and desired star, with multiple Hollywood offers yet controlled by Curtis, Lorell gets deeply involved with James Early, and Effie is lost into the darkness of poverty and non-existence with Curtis’s illegitimate child – a young girl “Magic”. Even as Effie sings in small Jazz bars to make ends meet, Curtis gets more dominant and aggressive in controlling business, causing a sense of discomfort among all. Finally, Effie gets a golden chance to make a solo break into the music industry with a specially written song. Even as her solo album begins to make a buzz, Curtis tries to kill it before it becomes a sensation.  But this time, Effie decides not to accept her fate but to fight her battle.

With excellent songs and melodious background scores, this movie is a musical in true sense. Contrary to the mediocre popularity that the songs of this movie achieved, I found them a true joy-ride; right from the peppy “Move Move” to melodious “We’re dream girls” and the “Farewell performance” to the soulful “Listen” and “Patience” and the powerful “I am telling you I am not going”.  The movie also boasts of a very talented and well-selected star-cast for all the roles, and not to forget our debut artist Jennifer Hudson (of American Idol fame)and her excellent performance.

The movie truly deserves the 2 Oscars (Best achievement in sound mixing, and Jennifer Hudson for best actress in supporting role) that it won, not to mention countless other awards and nominations for the movie. For the excellent music and well-performed roles, the movie is definitely worth a watch.