Date night is one of those movies which you pick up on a “nothing else to do” night, expecting pretty much the expected stuff and fun; for that kind of anticipation, Date night turns out to be pretty amiable and charming. Date night is a crazy fun-filled, thrilling one night story, full of pleasant surprises and queer turn of events.

Phil (Steve Carell) and Claire (Tina Fey) Foster are a boring committed new-jersey couple whose life revolves around their family and kids. This is a couple which really cares for one another – Phil reading and attending book reviews for wife’s interest and Claire taking absolute care of house-hold. They do not have any getaway from the mundane daily chores except for the weekly, wait for it, Date night, which also is a monotonous job of going to the same restaurant and having the same order. This doesn’t bother them until one of their close friends decides to split-up on account of how spark had died out of their lives and they had become just “excellent room-mates”.

Worried by the fact and determined to rekindle the spark, Claire breaks the dullness by dressing herself up for the next date night, to which Phil responds by taking her to a trendy over-crowded and up-class restaurant in Manhattan. With no hopes of getting a table, Phil spots the right opportunity when another party of two, Tripplehorns, with prior reservation turns no-show. As Phil and Claire sit and enjoy their meal and have a time of their lives, they are escorted out by two hefty guys who they mistakenly take as hotel staff. Well, they are not the only one mistaken coz they themselves have been picked up as “Tripplehorns” for retrieving a mysterious “flash drive”.

As Phil and Claire escape the hoodlum’s e captivity and report the matter to the police, they spot the same goons at the
police office. Bewildered and confused by the whole episode, as they struggle to find a safe exit, the only conceivable solution to them seems to find the real Tripplehorns and obtain the flash drive from them.  The rest of it is pretty much the same as they do unauthorized break-ins, meet a topless hunk, bump cars, get into under-water crash, dress up kinky and do some really funny dance.

Of course it has a happy ending. However, it’s not the end but the characters that brings forth the charm-factor in the movie. Steve and Tina are hell of actors to be cast in this role. I remember Steve from superb performance in The 40 year old virgin which makes me laugh every time and off course Tina from the recent 30 rock. You even notice some pleasant cameo appearances from James Franco, Mila Kunis, William Fichtner and Mark Ruffalo.

The comedy scenes are not “roll over the floor” type funny, but good enough to inculcate an amusing atmosphere. Nothing looks over-played. The chemistry between the husband and wife is portrayed well. How wives never trust their husbands with anything and how they feel over-worked all the times. Don’t we women wish to be left absolutely alone sometimes and don’t we lighten up in the company of a charming man. The comic lines are well-timed and well written. Not to forget the weird pole-cum-stage dance; this has definitely made it to my list of Top 10 amateur dance scenes (If such a list exists!).

All in all, it’s a good performance in a well-wrapped story to entertain you. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. At least I wasn’t.