So you like movies and love to go on and on about them!! Here’s another movie buff !

Well, let’s get together to appreciate the masterpieces created as well as to criticise the dumb works, to discuss our own personal favorites movies and scenes and question the inexplicable issues.

You are all welcome to be a part of this blog.

Lets Start !!!

Welcome to Randomflix, where we exchange and present views on celluloid from all over the world.

So you think: Here comes one more blog to brag about their knowledge of the world cinema to the internet audience.

And you say: Come on Dude!! We already got so many dedicated sites and blogs for the same. Why do we even bother to come here. Why don’t you do something new??

Well, you might be right as hell…. and I don’t deny what you say.

But here’s my story: A few days back, I watched a movie (whose review I will definitely pen down, though I am sure all you flicks-lovers can guess the name of the movie even before I tell you!) wherein the protagonist starts a blog about what she loves and it turns around her life completely.

Though as happy as I am with my life, with no intention for a 180 degree change, the idea stayed with me for quite a long time. Well, it stayed long enough to make me think this: “Movies is what I love and what I devote all my free time to (of course watching!!). Why not make something better out of it??”

And so here I am to share a layman’s perspective on whatever I watch from slapstick comedies to spine chilling thrillers, from “drag to hell” boring to adrenaline rush movies.

Here’s the caveat: If you are looking for expert comments, then this might not be the right place for you. This is just an endeavour to share my opinions and views on the movies that I see or have seen. And I welcome any discussion or debates on the same. All your comments and opinions are a must to help this blog grow!

Hope you love it and become an active part of it!!!